Conservation Education & Research Institute,pune


The broad objective of the institute is to apply science for the conservation of the environment, to carry out education and research in the broad field of environment and ecology. It is envisaged that this objective will be fulfilled through the specific objectives given below .

To educate the society about the importance and role of biodiversity in maintaining the balance of nature by conducting various workshops, seminars, conferences for different age groups of the community .
To conduct research in biodiversity conservation independently and in collaboration with experts ,institutes, agencies from India and overseas and to publish this work so that it would be useful to the society at large .
To provide professional training at all levels for application of science in Conservation through short and long term study course and to promote the concepts of Environment Conservation and Development .
Environmental Assessment of areas of municipal corporations, religious places, industrial areas, rivers and lakes ecosystems etc .
To conduct research programs in sustainable development and management of various resources like soil, water and vegetation . either independently or through collaborative projects with experts from various recognized agencies in India and abroad .
To develop training programs for layman regarding waste management and to help educational institutes to carry out action projects related to waste management problems and their scientific solutions .
To promote and establish information technology as a tool for conservation of natural resources and biodiversity of flora and fauna in a specific region .