About US

Conservation Education & Research Institute (CERI) Pune, is a non government organization started with a view to take the message of Conservation of Nature and sustainability to the masses . Environment awareness through education and research is the main objective of the institution . The message would be taken through number of training and research programs .

CERI has a core group of highly qualified and technically proficient experts in various fields like Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Education and Awareness, Ecology, Solid Waste Management, Information Technology, Aquatic Ecology, Phytoremediation, Carbon Sequastration .

CERI has a core group of Founder Members, forming the Executive Body .

Founder Members

Dr. Kranti Yardi


Area of specialization - Forest Ecology, Environmental - Education and Awareness . At present, working as faculty at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Environment Education & Research,pune .

Dr. Zelam Kanhere


Area of specialization – Ecology, Water pollution, Solid Waste Management , Environmental Education and Awareness At present ,working as Contributary faculty at Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Pune .

Mrs. Deepa Paradkar

Science Teacher

Area of specialization - Environmental - Education and Awareness. At present working as Science Teacher at Ramchandra Rathi Prashala,Pune .

Dr. P.V. Joshi


Area of specialization – "Entemology,Environmental Education and Awareness" . Formerly, Professor of Zoology,Dept. of Zoology, University of Pune ss. At present, working for Vigyan Bharati .

Dr. Vishakha Korad


Area of specialization - Zoology, Bat ecology.At present, working as faculty at Fergusson College, Pune .

Dr .D.G. Kanhere


Area of specialization – Physics, Computational Science, Environmental Science. At present, working as Professor at Pune University and Head, Center for Modeling and Simulation, University of pune .

Other Members

Area of Specialization - Botany, Ecology,Carbon Sequastration, Environmental Impact Assessment. At Present, working as faculty at Waghire College, Hadapsar, District Pune.

Dr. D. M. Mahajan

Area of specialization - Botany, Environmental Education and Awareness . At present, working for Conservation Education & Research Institute, Pune.

Mrs. Ranjana Kaveri ( M.Sc. )

Area of specialization - Botany, working for CERI, Pune. At present working in Science Park Project at Pune University. Formerly working with OIKOS Pune.

Miss. Ketaki wangikar ( M.Sc. )